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London Fog Shortbread

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Vanilla and earl grey tea; quite possibly one of my favourite pastry flavour combinations...

...And my go-to hot drink Starbucks order! I actually tried ordering a "London Fog" in London, England once, and they looked at me completely bewildered... It turns out the "London Fog" drink originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Yet another wonderful invention by Canadians! I love tea lattes, as I have never been a coffee drinker. Recently, my sister gifted me an cappuccino/latte maker, which I love because it makes lattes and such at the touch of a button (taking the guess work out of it). This new machine was a welcome addition as I transitioned to online teaching during COVID. It has been great to make tea lattes while I work from home! To make tea lattes in a cappuccino/latte maker, I just replace the ground espresso with loose leaf tea and purchased a couple of different flavoured syrups (vanilla, almond, Irish cream, etc.) to make my own fancy tea lattes at home. I've been getting really creative with different tea types, with everything from vanilla genmaicha lattes (toasty green tea with popped grains of rice) to the blueberry almond latte I am currently sipping while I write this (using my favourite "blueberry jam" tea from DAVIDsTea and almond syrup)... The infamous "London Fog" flavour combination inspired this tender shortbread cookie recipe and my love of using edible flowers saw me research how to incorporate these with cookie baking. I am really inspired by @loriastern on her "instaworthy" edible flower creations, so be sure to check our her work! Should you wish to get creative and experiment with this recipe, you can easily incorporate different types of tea. I've made the same cookies but used peach flavoured matcha tea. The finer grained teas work best for this recipe, so their texture isn't too prominent. Get creative!

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