• Erin Boukall

Edible Flowers

I love incorporating edible flowers into things in the kitchen! They are striking, colourful, and add a dramatic element to dishes. Some of my favourite ways to incorporate edible flowers:

-Garnishes for dishes

-Tossed into salads


-Frozen into ice cubes or popsicles

-Dried and used as natural sprinkles or blitz them and use it as a natural food colouring powder

-Make infused vinegars, oils, sugars, or simple syrups

Which Ones? -Begonia


-Calendula -Carnations/Dianthus -Chamomile

-Chrysanthemum -Cornflower/Bachelors Button

-Day lilies (not all lilies!)

-Geranium (the “scented” variety) -Honeysuckle (only the flowers) -Lavender -Lilac -Marigold -Nasturtium (flowers and leaves) -Orchids -Pansies -Primrose


-Scarlet runner beans (I think these are definitely one of the most delicious and taste like fresh beans) -Snap dragon -Violas



These are the edible flowers I have used. I will say that it is possible for anyone to have allergic reactions to these, especially if someone is allergic to pollen. While I use these in my own kitchen you should use edible flowers at your own discretion. Many flowers are not only inedible but can be very poisonous. It is always recommended to eat edible flowers that you grow yourself, so you can be sure of the variety and that no harmful pesticides or chemicals were used on them. It is also recommended that these be consumed in moderation, as some flowers can upset the digestive system in large volumes. Do your research and only consume different parts of the plants after consulting a reputable resource. The best way to store edible flowers once they have been cut/picked is to store them in an airtight container with a damp paper towel in the fridge. Check out this and this online resource.

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