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300 Flavours & Counting...

Big fan of gelato? You are not alone. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when people started using frozen desserts as a refreshing way to cool down. Some theories say we have been enjoying iced treats since as early as 4000 BC. Gelato is thought to have been created during the Italian Renaissance, with European immigration later bringing gelato making to North America. So, what is the difference between gelato and ice cream? Overall, gelato has less fat, less sugar, and less air than ice cream. “Overrun” is an industry term used to represent the percent of air that has been incorporated. Ice cream generally has a 40%+ overrun, while gelato is lower at 20-30% overrun. This makes gelato a denser product. Gelato also contains more milk than ice cream, less cream, and no egg yolks. Sorbetto is a similar water-based Italian frozen dessert that does not containany dairy. With the growing popularity of gelatos and sorbettos, artisanal producers (also known as Gelatieres) have been popping up across North America to meet the popular demand.

In 2009, Righteous Gelato’s owner, James entered the frozen treat industry. The company has a distinct vision of putting people first and giving back to Calgary’s community.Righetous Gelatoworks to help reduce food insecurities, support youth, to end domestic violence, and support local. Talk about a scoop with a cause. Their multiple awards are a testament to the team and culture they’ve created.Employees get to benefit from unique perks like daily lunches and even a trip to Italy on their 5-year anniversary! Where do I sign up?! The Righteous Gelato family has stayed strong, despite weathering two separate fires that almost stopped their growing momentum. Their old-world gelato company has grown and is now available in over 3,000 stores in the United States and Canada.

Over the years, the Righteous estimates they have produced over 300 different flavours of gelatos and sorbettos. They have created collaborative flavours for local restaurants, like a “Double Smoked Bourbon Pecan Bacon” gelato for Sunterra. When I asked what some of the most exotic kinds they produced were, our guide thought it might have been the “Dill Pickle” for the Calgary Stampede or the custom “Cheddar Cheese” flavour. The core 14 classic flavours aren’t going anywhere, but their seasonal batches are only offered for a limited time. Follow their Instagram to see what their changing seasonal flavours are. Some of the seasonally inspired pints they’ve developed have been “Mulled Apple Cider” for Thanksgiving, “Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese” for Easter, and “Sugar Plum &Pear” for Christmas.

In addition to continually coming up withinventive combinations, Righteous Gelato also offers special experiences at their recently opened storefront and scoop shop. You can opt for their “Tour & Tasting Experience”, which offers guests a very informative guided tour of the facility. The best part of the tour is getting a mini scoop tasting platter (so you don’t have to stress about committing to just one flavour). For the ultimateRighteous Gelato experience, guests can sign up for their “Gelato Academy”. Following a tour, you get the opportunity to design your very own flavour of gelato!!! Their test kitchen houses an inspiring array of ingredients for you and a partner to make 4 pints of your dream flavour. I don’t know about you, but I think this would a super fun idea for something like a team-building event or a bachelorette party!

Sign yourself up for an immersive gelato experience, and if you haven’t already visited their beautiful new scoop shop and café, make sure you visit soon!

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